‘Learned more in one morning than on a six-week online course.’
T Armitage, Holmfirth . *****

Taught by experts who make money from their ideas.

Online and In-Person Writing Courses

Get on track to become a published author with us.

Practical guidance to get your ideas out of your head and onto the page.

Professionally tutored creative writing courses that get you on track to become a published writer.

Our courses are led by industry experts and professional writers. [All our tutors make money from their ideas]. We offer one to one tuition via multiple exercises.

You can be a beginner, intermediate or advanced. We cover Fiction, Biopic, Biography, Documentary, Autobiography & Memoir. Books, Plays, Screenplays.

If you need feedback on your writing or want to meet others like yourself who write for fun, our course is for you.


‘In my first session with John I learnt more in one morning than I had attending a six-week online course.’ *****

Tracey Armitage, Holmfirth

Course Attendee

‘When it comes to motivation, John is up there with Colonel Tom Parker!’

Mark Vernon, Saddleworth

Course Attendee

‘John is so enthusiastic, offering frequent check-ins for accountability. He uses anecdotes that help lighten the load, for instance, how great ideas were often discovered quickly, rather than some long drawn-out process.’ *****


Course Attendee

‘John is a highly talented individual, using his observational skills and humour in many ways’

Margarita Martyniuk

Artist and Designer

‘John’s level of energy and positivity is amazing and refreshing.’ *****


Fellow Teacher


  • Step by step stages to develop your idea from something inside your head into a clear, compelling plan on the page.
  • Personal guidance from industry experts with lots of experience.
  • Opportunity to meet likeminded people in the same situation as you.
  • Opportunity to share your ideas and test them out in a safe space.
  • End up with a concrete, achievable personal plan.

We differ from other courses in that in the evening, rather than hanging out over a meal, we expect you to be doing at least a little bit of work on your project, incorporating some of the days learnings. Then bringing that work to class the following day and perhaps sharing your experience. We don’t offer accommodation because this is not a holiday, per se, (although they do say a change is as good as a rest!).

Upcoming Courses
[More in Summer/Autumn – watch this space]

First Ten Pages Writing Workshop – Free Webinar


19:00 – 20:30 Tue Evening

Next Webinar: 1st Tue Every Month

Free fun introduction to starting your writing journey using workshops and play. If you are new to writing or just want to play with words, this session is all about experimentation and collaboration. This is all about dipping in and having a go.

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Letting It Rip! – Renegade Writing Workshop – Fiction/Non fiction online course

Price: One week Online Course £485

In person on site course coming this summer – £685

Short Online Masterclass Two Hour course just £28 Numbers Limited – contact for details

5 day online course Sat July 12th – 19th Fiction/Non-Fiction [Masterclass 10am on 15th]

Fun high-energy course that gets stuck in, perfect for those used to creativity and those that like to break rules.

Award winning film maker, writer, poet and memoirist John L Matthews is ready to help you harness your inner superpowers! This is the time to forget everything you think you know about writing. This is the time to stop thinking and dive in!

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Special Bank Holiday Two Day Masterclass – available online and on site

Start Me Writing! Fiction/Non Fiction

**Bank Holiday Special!** Saturday May 25th – Sunday May 26th. Two days Cost only £198

Full five day course also available – Saturday the 29th of June to Friday the 5th of July

Price: On site £685.

Two hour Online Masterclass only £28

Gentle introduction to writing using workshops, discussion and one-to-ones.

Do you love telling stories? Would you like to take stories from your own life, or from people you know? Maybe you are new to writing or are coming back to it? If so, this is for you.

This life-changing Start to Write week with award winning film maker, memoirist and writer John L Matthews will guide you on how to pull your story together. It can be non-fiction or fiction, poetry, prose – anything! Using different ideas as launching pads we will explore place, character and structure. Before you know it, your idea will be flying!With support from your tutor and new and back-to-it writers, you will begin this important journey of discovering your voice

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Available online and also on site

Also available as two hour short Masterclass

Price: Online five day course £485

In Person five day course £685

Two hour Masterclass only £28

Saturday 27th July – Friday August 2nd

A dip into the complex world of screenwriting, looking at structure, character, world and theme, all in a safe, encouraging environment.

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Memoir/Life Writing

Available online and also on site

Price: Online five day course £485

In Person five day course £685

Two hour Masterclass only £28

Saturday August 10th – Friday 16th August

A course that uses your own experiences to understand yourself better and potentially share your learnings with others. Uses a mix of genres including non-fiction, poetry and dramatisation.

Has something happened to you that you just know will make a compelling book, film or play? If you have already jotted down ideas but don’t know where to start, then this course is for you.

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**Bank Holiday Special Two Day Course!**

Available online and also on site

Saturday Aug 24 – 25th Two days Cost Only £198

Full length five day course – Saturday August 31st – Friday September 6th

Price: Online 5 day course £485

In Person 5 day course £685

A course that helps bring non-fiction/factual stories to vivid life using techniques from other genres so your story leaps off the page!

Non-fiction, factual, whatever you want to call it, should never be dull! When you start your non-fiction project, it’s important to think of all the areas it touches. But where to start? We will help you get on your way.

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Didsbury Parsonage, South Manchester

Didsbury Parsonage is our main writing hub. Nestled in the picturesque village of Didsbury in its own relaxing gardens, this is the perfect place to get away from it all and focus on your creativity alongside other like-minded people.

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Some Questions Answered

Am I the right age?

JK Rowling published her first Harry Potter book aged 32. Bram Stoker, Raymond Chandler and Richard Adams all wrote their first book in their 50s. Ann Youngson’s first novel was published in her 70s!

Am I in the right job to be a writer?

Life experience is an advantage. Franz Kafka worked in insurance, Anthony Trollope toiled at the Post Office, Agathie Christie was a pharmacist’s assistant and Kurt Vonnegut sold cars! And our founder used to be a butcher!

Why listen to us?

Our founder John L Matthews not only writes but has made plenty of money out of creating and selling his ideas. Over 100 million people have seen his work in 65 countries. John has researched, written and created ten films for international broadcast, written and edited 5 books and produced two best sellers. He has won many awards and been peer-longlisted for a BAFTA. John’s work has been on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Discovery, sold in Waterstones and dozens of other places all over the world. He has a Master’s in writing and has lectured at several colleges and universities.