Cancellation Policy


Learning to write the First Ten Pages way is a team effort which means having enough people,
enough resources and enough trainers and cancelling last minute causes problems for other students that they did not create themselves. This negatively affects our service levels through no fault of our own. This is why we have to plan well in advance and the reason we have a thorough, fair but firmly enforced cancellation policy to ensure we maintain a high level of service.

If cancelled 6 weeks in advance full refund [unless knowingly booked course 6 weeks in advance].
If cancelled 4 weeks in advance 50% refund [unless knowingly booked course 4 weeks or less in advance].
If cancelled less than four weeks in advance there is no refund.

If you pay for a course, do not book on, and then change your mind there is no refund. You may be able to assign the course to someone else, there may be a cost for this and this is discretionary depending on circumstances, not guaranteed.

If an Act of God prevents course from running you must claim on your insurance, there is no refund, but we will try to run another course if possible and offer a place.

If cancellation due to illness or bereavement etc. then customer must claim on their insurance and there will be no refund.

Due to experiencing a number of attempted late cancellations due to minor personal circumstances
this will end in a non-refund as per above.

We will not refund any course due to foul weather, heavy rain, wind, snow etc. If possible if transport is difficult we will try and run the course online. We work in any weathers.

No show entails a forfeit of course fees, no refund, no last-minute re-selling.

Anyone with a genuine reason for non-attendance notified in a reasonable time in advance [at least three weeks] with genuine evidence we will always try to sell their places – we will not ever deliberately profit from selling a place that has already been paid for. In this situation it may be possible to assign the course to someone else. However, this is a service we offer and not a guarantee and depends on circumstances.